Installation Guide

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Halso Smart Sensor & Hub

Each Halso Smart Meter kit comes complete with everything you will need to monitor and measure your heating oil. The box includes an Halso Smart Meter Sensor for connecting to your oil tank, Halso Smart Meter Hub to connect to your broadband and all necessary cables and plugs for connection.

Halso Smart Meter has been designed to be easily self-installable but can be handed to a qualified heating engineer for installation if you require.

Halso Smart Meter is designed specifically for oil heating users to manage and monitor their oil supply. You will need a suitable oil tank, a broadband connection to the property with a spare port on the router to connect the Halso Smart Meter Hub and a spare power socket for the Hub to be plugged in.

Currently Halso Smart Meter is not available for those homes without broadband however we are developing a GSM version for those properties that do not have access to the internet.

Halso Smart Meter works using ultrasonics measurements and transmits a Halso to your Halso Smart Meter hub connected to your broadband. You may place your Halso Smart Meter Sensor on your oil tank up to 200m from your Halso Smart Meter Hub. It should be noted that obstacles such as walls, re-enforced walls, metal objects or metal buildings can however reduce this range.

Halso Smart Meter is designed for all types of heating oil tanks. It is suitable for both old and new plastic and metal tanks up to 3m in height. Many tanks will have an existing 32mm pre-drilled hole which you can mount your Halso Smart Meter Sensor to. If your tank does not have the pre-drilled hole select a suitable location on top of your tank and drill a hole using a 32mm hole saw.

Halso Smart Meter has been designed to monitor diesel fuel, kerosene, gas oil types A2, C1, C2 and D as defined by BS 2869. Halso Smart Meter can also be used to monitor other liquids such as water and Adblue but for suitability please check with us.

Halso Smart Meter can monitor up to 6 Halso Smart Meter Sensors using one Halso Smart Meter Hub connected to your broadband. This allows multiple tanks to be monitored for those users who have more than one tank.

Halso Smart Monitors are covered by a 12 month warranty.

System information

Select ‘Usage’ from the menu or click on the Usage information tile. This will bring up a window displaying a graph of your oil use together with information tiles displaying your average weekly use and the amount of CO2 produced.

Select ‘My Account’ from the menu or click on the ‘My Account’ information tile. This will bring up a window providing options to update your details.

Halso operates within industry regulations and calculates your tank readings based on 95% of its brimfull capacity.

Halso estimates the number of days until an order is required based on the oil level readings it receives from your usage. If you are currently not using much heating oil this can cause your ‘Days until Empty’ to show as a long way off, however when you start to use heating oil again Halso will receive this information and the calculation will adapt.

If you have forgotten your password you can reset this on the Login page or by clicking here

Halso can send you alerts according to your requirements – notifying you by email, when your tank levels are getting low or if Delivery or Theft has been detected. These alerts can be turned on or off in the My Account, Alerts section.